The start of transformation of the current narrative of our city Gary, Indiana to work toward changing the aesthetic of this gateway by inspiring positivity through love!


My Dearest,

I owe all my dreams and hopes to you! I am forever grateful to the legacy that led me to you, that has captivated my passion, influenced my tenacity, and rendered the privilege for me to develop into the visionary that I am today. It has fostered an ability to dream and to explore the world only to return with an abundance of excitement to share the multitude of endless opportunities seen and witnessed along the journey.

You are unlike any that I have seen. Your possibility is raw and fertile for growth, begging to be explored, uncovering the potential that surpasses the height of any of your highest accomplishments. The width of your span and the depth of your reach, reminds me of Big Mama’s hug, all warm, cuddly, and encouraging. You possess an energy that embodies hope, even when others only see your lack and inefficiencies. The way you look now, is only a reminder of what is yet to be, and a glance back to the rich heritage cultivated from a vision of hope, and a dream that was to be. Nothing has changed, but the perspective for which many choose to view you.

As your child, I accept the responsibility to be a good steward out of respect for you. It is my goal to be a responsible steward, understanding that to those that much is given, much is required. This is an abundant opportunity that I have recognized as this responsibility to serve our family, and this community. More importantly, it is my responsibility to acknowledge this blessing by being a blessing. It is my duty to stand tall and create a space that shines a positive light, further encouraging others to continue to develop their own light. This light will create ripples like that of a rain drop, landing in the lake that flows endlessly, until all are impacted.

In short, you are not Paris, Chicago, LA, or Rome, you are my home. This is Gary! You possess the soil of victors reclaiming beauty from ashes and forging a continued story of inspiration through love. It is my objective not to just talk about change, but to be the change. To buy the block, brick by brick, starting at the corner of 26th and Broadway, by constructing a gateway that leads into the heart of the city. It is not a mission to be tackled alone, but one that requires the assistance and involvement of our entire family, near and far. This is a movement to “Be the Change!” This movement is redefining your narrative to “Victory Way.” This defines the overcoming and better times ahead focusing on this community’s strength and vast opportunities on the horizon!

There is work to be done, and exciting times ahead!


Joslyn RW Kelly