Begins with Me

In the passionate words of the late, honorable John Lewis, “If not now, then when, and if not me, then who” best describes the intent that derives the “Be the Change” initiative.
These three words invoke passion, purpose, and gives power to promise. It is easy to pinpoint issues and nitpick others for the looming conditions within our community, and our very own backyards. However, real change occurs when we work together in collaboration, devising solutions that are not just talked about, but put into action.
Honestly, the first step to change begins with the one in the mirror, looking back at you. It is the belief that this one matters, that this one possesses skills, talents, and abilities that positively impact the world. And more importantly, the belief that this one’s value is needed, appreciated, and worth its weight in more than gold. Consequently, as this value is acknowledged and shared, a tolerance is created. Realizing a new ability to recognize the same potential in others, will create an energy to connect the dots and fill the voids previously left from the perception of despair and hopelessness. What is even better, not only will connections be made, but expectations will be established. An example is; establishing dictation to the world how one is to be treated as shown as you treat yourself and others.

The Law of Physics clearly defines the Law of Attraction, just as scripture dictates iron sharpens iron. The core of community is unity, a common unity. We are all in this together. It takes a village to be the change, and change does not normally just happen, but it takes vision, purpose, action, expectation, and inspection.

The time is now, and I am the person! I AM THE COMMUNITY! I am the bridge from the legacy of the forefathers to the prominence of the present, yielding passionate purpose into our future. It is not a lone game, but a party of all agreeing to take steps of action to be the change. Afterall, actions speak louder than words.
We know that you know that problems exist, and that your gifts are needed to render a solution. You matter! Let us work together to be the change. Let us START TODAY!
~Joslyn RW Kelly